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Tacoma Outpatient Programs
Effective, Convenient, Discreet

Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Tacoma, WA is a leading treatment center for men and women suffering from drug or alcohol dependence.

At Lakeside-Milam, our treatment philosophy is quite simple. Our outpatient programs are effective, convenient and discreet. We build individualized treatment programs to help patients get back on track—with minimal disruption to their busy lives. For many clients, the flexibility of outpatient care allows them to remain within a supportive family environment and to keep working. We offer programs that work. Over 80% of Lakeside-Milam clients get help through our outpatient programs. We have over 10,000 recovering alumni, with thousands of new patient referrals coming from former clients.

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers offers intensive outpatient programs for adults at 9 locations throughout western Washington. Our convenient outpatient programs offer day and night sessions and are discreetly located in office parks and medical/dental buildings. All outpatient locations feature ample parking and are easily accessible from major highways.

The main thrust of our outpatient program is to help patients recognize that alcoholism and addiction is a primary, progressive disease, rather than any manifestation of a moral consequence, character weakness, or psychological dysfunction. We teach alcoholics and addicts to approach their disease as a treatable condition with a high potential for lasting recovery.

Lakeside-Milam also conducts educational programs for families of alcoholics and addicts. The main goal of the Family Education Program is to furnish family members with education about the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions and provide a variety of healthy communication skills and behaviors.

LMRC Tacoma Outpatient Schedule

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 12 pm

Monday – Friday: 6 pm – 9 pm

Tacoma Outpatient Rehab Programs

Very often, we find that alcoholics and addicts whose disease is in early to mid-stages can be treated at an outpatient center near their home. Our goal is to find the least restrictive treatment regimen possible for all patients.

Over 80% of Lakeside-Milam clients get help through our outpatient programs. These programs help addicted clients who do not require inpatient withdrawal management or residential hospitalization. In addition, residential patients use outpatient programs to transition from inpatient care to continuing care. Following are brief descriptions of our outpatient services and programs:

Alcohol/Drug Information School
  • Eight hours of education which addresses how alcohol and drug addiction affect the body.
Intensive Outpatient Program

Counseling and education for adults followed by continuing care.

Deferred Prosecution Program

Two years of treatment that meets all state guidelines for those under deferred prosecution in Washington State.

Tacoma Intensive Inpatient/Residential Referral

If you’re drinking/drug use has progressed to the point that despite your best efforts, you cannot stop and bad things keep happening as a result of your addiction, you will be referred to our intensive inpatient program.

For most patients, the recommendation brings a sense of relief, for they know that they are losing the battle with their addiction. The time at inpatient is a respite from the stress, frustration, and guilt that are by-products of the untreated disease. For those who enter, it is a time of renewed hope and clarity of mind. It is a time of positive change and a new way of living.

As you are nearing the end of your inpatient program, you and your counselor will meet to plot out your early recovery needs. You will return to your life armed with all the necessary tools and a careful plan of recovery activities to sustain your sobriety, as well as the support of the team at the outpatient rehab clinic closest to your home.

Family Education Program

Designed to assist those who live with alcoholics and addicts. LMRC conducts an educational program for families of alcoholics and addicts. Family members learn about addiction dynamics, primary social stressors, and maladaptive reactions.  This program is held weekly in each of our outpatient centers and is open to the public.

Group discussions allow family members to ventilate long-suppressed emotions and to share those feelings with other families. Skilled facilitators use a variety of techniques to teach families healthy communication patterns and behaviors. These newly acquired skills nurture a sense of competence in family members who may have lost all hope for change.

Tacoma Outpatient Rehab Treatment Features
Initial Evaluation

LMRC staff members evaluate a client’s involvement with alcohol and/or drugs and then recommend a treatment plan.

Individual Counseling

Staff members use one-to-one counseling sessions to explore a course of treatment and chart a client’s recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Clients who can maintain abstinence without residential treatment receive a concentrated, focused program of group therapy, individual therapy, and evaluation.

Early Recovery Services

An individualized continuing care plan will follow the Intensive Outpatient Program

Tacoma Outpatient Rehab Follow-up

Patients leave residential treatment fortified with an action recovery plan—a blueprint for successful living. The continuing care outpatient program helps patients return to their community and face up to the same problems that were there before treatment. Continuing care plans are monitored by counseling staff at any of our LMRCoutpatient centers or agencies in the patient’s home community.

During continuing care, most patients become active in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Alateen. Within these groups, patients establish new friendships and practice living one day at a time.

Outpatient programs are available at any of the following LMRC locations (click on the link below for specific Office Site contact information):

Talk to someone who understands
Talking about addiction is first step to recovery.
Talking about addiction starts to strip it of its powers.

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