Drug & Alcohol Recovery Rehab and Treatment Center in Alaska

Treatment Designed for Alaskans

Alaskan drug & alcohol recovery treatment history
  • Providing drug & alcohol treatment, recovery, and rehab to Alaskans for 30 years
  • We have treated over 6,000 Alaskans over the past 30 years
  • Nygren approved for legal clients
  • Covered by most insurance
  • 24-hour services to assess the problem and get the person into treatment/rehab
  • Special arrangements can be made for airfare, airport pick up and home community continuing care
  • We have a highly developed and trained network of Alaska agencies and therapists we partner with to provide family and continuing care services
  • Alaskan counselors on staff

Since we first opened our doors, LMRC has recognized the needs of our Alaskan neighbors. Along with other organizations, we lobbied in the Alaskan Legislature in the 1980s to enact reasonable standards for insurers to provide benefits for addiction treatment. We also developed relationships with Native Alaskan communities where drug and alcohol rehab treatment is most needed and least available. We take pride in our prompt response to Alaskans’ inpatient rehab treatment needs and the partnerships we have made with Alaskan treatment agencies to provide continuing care when our patients return home.

Why Choose Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers?
  • We provide status reports and maintain communication with referral sources as to the progress of a patient throughout their treatment. Many of the Alaska referral sources we have had long-standing relationships with us.
  • During someone’s treatment, we work with the patient and family members to build a solid discharge plan.  The plan ensures each Alaskan patient returns home with a community outpatient treatment referral and orientation appointment, guaranteeing continuous
  • Each patient leaves treatment with 12 step meeting schedules in the area at which they will be living.
  • Each Alaskan patient goes home with a verity of recovery books that build upon the information they received in treatment.  For patients that live in remote villages, we provide a subscription of the AA Grapevine newsletter.  Additionally, we educate the patient about online recovery services.
  • During treatment, we encourage family members to attend fly down and attend our family program, and we also develop a schedule for families to attend some of the programs with their patient since they have limited time with their patient.  We provide transportation to and from SeaTac airport.
  • We make hotel reservations for family members at a close to the treatment center, and we provide rides to and from the hotel while the family is in town.
  • If need be, we Lakeside-Milam staff member can meet the patient at their arriving or departing gate to escort them through the airport and to treatment.
  • In efforts to help our Alaska patients feel at home and their culture respected and celebrated, we display Alaskan art throughout the Kirkland residential facility.
  • Native Alaskan films are available on weekends, and Alaskan patients share about their culture with their treatment group.
  • Throughout an Alaska patient’s treatment, special phone privileges are given due to the limited access to family.
  • If an Alaskan patient from Alaska arrives without the items, they need to feel comfortable while in treatment, a staff member will help them obtain those items.
  • Alaskan newspapers are kept in the patient lounge so they can stay somewhat current on events.

For more information send mail to our Alaska Coordinator alaskainfo@lakesidemilam.com

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