Effective, Affordable, Convenient, Discreet

Withdrawal Management, Residential & Long-Term Recovery Services

Lakeside-Milam has provided effective, affordable alcohol and drug treatment in the Pacific Northwest since 1983. After helping over 100,000 alcoholics and addicts, we are the largest addiction treatment facility in the PNW, with thousands of clean and sober alumni. Over 90% of those who have attended Lakeside-Milam would refer a friend or family member to us for treatment. We’re proud to provide individualized care tailored to the needs of each person; our decades of experience make Lakeside-Milam uniquely equipped to identify the most effective treatment plan for each patient.

Treatment Services

We understand that by the time someone calls looking for help, they have been struggling against addiction for years – sometimes decades. Whether residential or outpatient care is the best fit, our goal is to help each person who comes to us put their lives back on track as quickly as possible.

Intervention Services

Learn how to compassionately confront addiction by participating in our free weekly intervention classes. We empower you to take action and help the addict in your life get into recovery.


If you had symptoms of a medical problem, you’d make an appointment with a physician to determine its severity. Addiction is a disease that requires the same degree of expert care.

Drug & Alcohol Consulting
Services DACS

We come to you, wherever you are, to provide objective drug and alcohol assessments 24 hours a day – 100% free of charge. We also offer educational lectures and accountability services.

Alcohol Drug
Information School (ADIS)

Educate yourself about the effects of alcohol and drugs on your body and mind. This eight-hour class meets all state requirements for alcohol-related driving offenses.

Deferred Prosecution-
Legal Support

Lakeside-Milam provides two years of treatment that meets all Washington state guidelines for those under deferred prosecution. With 9 outpatient clinics in Western Washington, access and convenience are guaranteed.

Treatment for
Alaskan Patients

We have treated over 6,000 Alaskans over the past 30 years and partner with a wide network of Alaskan agencies and therapists for continued care.